“When people volunteer their time and talents they are truly at their best. It’s a beautiful thing to see.”
Hilde Ojibway


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Welcome to our volunteer page!

We are always looking for individuals who are interested in giving their time to support our efforts, whether it is providing care, coordinating, or lending their skills to our organization. 

Our are designed to support community giving and volunteer involvement and both rely upon professional and community volunteers. Each “clinic” is comprised of a doctor or dentist, a nurse or dental assistant/hygienist, a clinic manager and a receptionist.  For more than 30 years, our volunteer model has been integral to our success as a primary medical and dental care provider to at-need residents of the Upper Valley.  This model allows us to provide quality health care and dental care, and keep overhead costs low.

If you are interested in volunteering with Good Neighbor Health Clinics or Red Logan Dental Clinic, please fill out the Community Volunteer Application, Community Volunteers Confidentiality Agreement. If you have any questions, please reach out to me via the contact form or email me at Lisa@goodnhc.org.

Thank you!


Lisa Johnson Volunteer Coordinator Good Neighbor Health Clinic/Red Logan Dental Clinic

Here When Needed:

Volunteer Clinical Social Worker Mary Helen Bentley Inspired To Help

“Many people in society are dealing with hard times and need help,” says Mary Helen Bentley, LiCSW, a volunteer at Good Neighbor. “But some have fewer resources and that’s why the work at the clinic is so important.”

She says that the best part of her job is the people she works with and the chance to help them put their lives back together. “Here, we have more time to spend with people. It’s an honor to do this work.”

In her spare time, Mary Helen enjoys walking with her dogs and travel. She and her wife own a 193-year-old farmhouse and she likes “working in the garden and serving as a caretaker” for their home.

A volunteer since 2018, Mary Helen calls the Upper Valley “a special place with a real sense of community. That extends to the team at Good Neighbor. Everyone is so committed to our patients and helping them along the way.”

Did You Know?

In 2022, Volunteers at both Good Neighbor and Red Logan donated 1,257 hours of service with a value of $133,949!

This included:


Dentist hours


Psychiatrist hours


Mental health counselors’ hours


RN/LPN hours


Physician Assistant hours


MD, DO, ND, DC hours


Non-Professional hours

Patient Centered:

Good Neighbor Volunteer Physician Dr. Kieffer Drawn to the Mission

From a young age, Dr. Kelly Kieffer knew that she wanted to be a physician. “It was definitely something I was drawn to,” she said. “I feel fortunate to have been able to pursue that pathway.”

A volunteer provider at Good Neighbor for six years, she also championed integration of residents in the clinic in her former role as Program Director of the Primary Care Internal Medicine Residency at DHMC. “Taking care of those in need is at the center of why I volunteer here. . .and I know that is the motivation for others,” she says.

As an Internist with a focus on primary care of medically complex patients, Dr. Kieffer also serves as Vice Chair of Education in the Department of Medicine at Dartmouth Health. She has been practicing at DHMC for more than 20 years.

“Among the many things I truly appreciate about Good Neighbor is the depth and variety of the care provided,” she said. “Those we serve have access to quality primary care as well as specialty care.” 

“At a time when many in our community are struggling to recover from the economic and health impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, I believe the care Good Neighbor provides is more important than ever before,” said Dr. Kieffer. “Everyone deserves to receive quality care, regardless of their ability to pay.”

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