Our Commitment to Health Equity

Good Neighbor Health Clinic was founded over thirty years ago by practicing physicians in our community who recognized a significant gap in access to care. There was a hope that our services would not be necessary forever because health would be viewed as a right someday.

The disparities in our community relating to economics, racism, systemic issues such as housing, and more compelled these doctors to think differently about healthcare and the delivery of services. This led to the creation of Good Neighbor Health Clinic and Red Logan Dental Clinic, and thousands of hours were donated to advocate for our community, leading to better health for thousands.

While some progress has been made throughout our nation to address Health Equity, we are reminded that there are many crises our communities face. From the havoc of the COVID-19 pandemic and economic downturn to the injustices affecting how healthcare is delivered, such as dental care still being considered an inessential aspect of health, we recognize the challenges this creates across our nation and our community. As a clinic recognizing the imperative need for inclusion of the patient experience in all we do, we remain steadfast in fulfilling our mission to Create a Community Where People Have Access to the Health Resources They Need to Reach Their Potential for Mental, Physical, and Social Well-Being.

Throughout history, we have seen cycles of suffering and trauma in communities based on race, identity, and socioeconomic status. We feel a call to action where we believe all healthcare can be delivered with humility and compassion. As we advocate for the community’s concerns, we engage deeply with our patients, holding their worries close to our hearts as we provide care. We also recognize our patients’ invaluable expertise gained through their own experiences. With unwavering dedication, we are committed to enhancing our services and expanding our care offerings to meet the unique needs of those we serve. We hope there will be a day when one’s life expectancy is not dictated by zip code, skin color, identity, or experience that has brought them to us.

We recognize that health disparity will not be resolved overnight and requires ongoing commitment to change. We will continue to listen to our patients, our community, and our staff in response to advocate for and contribute to healthcare justice. We remain resolute in our commitment to our patients by providing accessible, quality healthcare services and upholding the dignity of all people. This requires us to confront racism, sexism, and inequality by advocating for our patients’ voices.

Elizabeth R. Austin, MHA

Executive Director

Adopted by Board of Trustees June 18, 2024