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Lorraine Sevigny

When Lorraine Sevigny moved to New Hampshire, she still had health insurance through COBRA from her previous job but had to stay in her HMO network. “I became ill about a month or two after I came up and I did end up going down to Massachusetts to see my doctor,” so that her insurance would cover the cost.

Donors find that the automatic deductions convenient for them and recognize that it saves expenses for Good Neighbor  by decreasing mailing costs, keeping overhead costs low and putting more of your gift to work in our programs.
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How do I cancel my monthly contribution?

Double your gift by asking your employer to match your investment in Good Neighbor Health Clinic through your company’s matching gift program.  Some programs will support gifts from spouses and retirees.
Simply ask your company if they can match your gift. Please call or email our Executive Director, Dana Michalovic, at (802)-295-1868 or for assistance.

Thanks for taking the time to request a matching gift!

Interested in supporting us, but unsure of the impact a small contribution can make? Here at Good Neighbor each bit helps and a seemingly small contribution of an everyday item goes a long way.  Below is a donation wish list of non-medical items that the Good Neighbor Health Clinic needs regularly:
Gifts of stock may provide significant tax advantages to the donor, and the donations are easy to execute. Donors are asked to consult with their tax advisors for specific information.

Because complete donor information is frequently not available through the transfer process, we ask you to alert us in advance about the specific securities and number of shares you plan to transfer. Please call our Executive Director, Dana Michalovic at (802)-295-1868.

Complete information is available by downloading the attached instructions. (Note: This would link to a simple form that asks for the information below.)

Download Good Neighbor Health Clinic Gifts of Stock Donation Form

Welcome to the Good Neighbor Health Clinics Donor Advised Fund Direct. As your clients seek advice and counsel, please consider recommending the Good Neighbor Health Clinics as a beneficiary. We can answer your questions and provide further information for individual donors, families, advisors and financial institutions. For more information, please call or email our Executive Director, Dana Michalovic, at (802)-295-1868 or .
The Good Neighbor Health Clinics is currently building a long-
term capital reserve that will provide a sustainable future for the Clinics.  The Good Neighbor staff can work with you to meet your financial goals and maximize your philanthropic giving through sound and timely long-
term gift planning.  To explore options for planned giving and bequests, if you have any questions or would like to learn more about how gift and estate planning can benefit you and Good Neighbor please contact our Executive Director, Dana Michalovic, at (802)-295-1868 or

Is your business or corporation interested in supporting the Good Neighbor Health Clinics?  We have a variety of sponsorship opportunities and would love to partner with you.  For more information, please call or email our executive Director, Dana Michalovic, at (802)-295-1868 or .

Good Neighbor Health Clinic is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.
Donations to GNHC are tax deductible to the extent permitted by the IRS.

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