Wellness Workshops

The Good Neighbor Health Clinics are pleased to offer free Wellness Workshops to the community on a variety of popular health topics.  If you have any ideas for future topics please email Eula@goodnhc.org.

Past Wellness Workshops:

Wellness Workshop October 23rd, 2018:Mental Health… Let’s Talk About It

What is mental health? What does it mean to have a mental illness? With close to 18.5% of American’s experiencing mental illness in a year, this is a major health concern. The goal of this session is to break the silence and stigma associated with mental health, and to provide awareness and education about common mental health disorders.

Wellness Workshop November 8th, 2018: Approachable Yoga

Yoga can be a simple, calming, empowering practice. Anyone and everyone can practice yoga and reap its positive effects. Just a few minutes of practice at the beginning or end of a long day can help stretch and relax sore muscles. Practiced regularly, yoga can be a powerful tool to cope with everyday stress and relieve anxiety. Yoga has proven to be useful in improving your memory, concentration and psychological wellbeing and having a positive impact on your mood. Practicing yoga can improve both your physical and mental health and create a healthy climate in your mind and body.

Wellness Workshop November 16, 2017: Cancer, What is Cancer, anyway? Presented by Dr.

Thomas H. Davis

Recording of presentation available here.

Wellness Workshop October 19th, 2017: A Good Night’s Sleep: What Can Go Wrong and How to

 Get it Right! Presented by Dr. Adam J. Sorscher

Recording of presentation available here.

Wellness Workshop May 2, 2017: Ticks & Lyme Disease presented by Dr. Timothy P. Lahey

Recording of presentation available here.

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