Mission, Vision & Values

 Our Mission Statement

The Good Neighbor Health Clinics promote the health of people in the Greater Upper Valley who are in need and do not have the means to pay, by providing free medical and dental care, mentoring aspiring health care professionals, and advocating for improved access to dental and health care.

Our Vision Statement

A community where people have access to the health resources they need to reach their potential for mental, physical, and social well-being.

Our Values Statement

RESPECT FOR ALL PEOPLE: We respect the dignity of all people. This means that we strive to embody compassion, empathy, kindness, and humility in all of our interactions. We reject racism. We endeavor to provide equitable and just care for all, working to take into account cultural differences, systemic inequalities, internalized biases and privileges, and socioeconomic factors.

EQUITY & JUSTICE IN HEALTHCARE: We aspire to be a voice for healthcare justice for our patients. We support access to quality healthcare for all within our communities, and acknowledge the systemic issues that often prevent access for many. We recognize our role in being a public voice to advocate for healthcare as a right for all.

CONTINUAL LEARNING: We value a culture of learning from a position of humility and seek to continually learn from our patients, colleagues, community members, and students. We cultivate curiosity and openness in all aspects of our work, and strive to educate and mentor a new generation of compassionate healthcare professionals.

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