Jake Blum

Jake Blum

Jake Blum has served as a Trustee of the Good Neighbor Health Clinic and the Red Logan Dental Clinic since 2013.

Jake was active in the civil rights movement in Mississippi during a time of extreme racial segregation and discrimination.  He graduated with honors from Yale University.  Jake attended Harvard Law School and dropped out to join a rock ‘n roll band.

After moving to Chelsea, Vermont, Jake worked on a dairy farm and built a house from wood logged and milled in Chelsea.  That led to a number of positions in the natural foods business.  His career then moved to computers and technology beginning with the very first IBM PC.  Jake founded and was President of Systems Plus Computers for almost 3 decades.  He helped individuals, schools, businesses and institutions to maximize technology to further their core beliefs and goals.

Jake and his wife Susan served for years as Level I Firefighters and EMT’s with the Norwich, Vermont Fire Department.  As the Tree Warden for Norwich, he developed a program that provides firewood to those in need all over the Upper Valley.

Susan and Jake actively show and breed their beloved Irish Glen of Imaal Terrier dogs.  They enjoy cooking, gardening, music, exercising and travelling as well as their 4 children who are spread out across the country.

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